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We are are a private non-profit foundation who embody our primary objectives; to implement development programs, innovation projects, and information and technology transfer, all of which contribute to improving the quality of our own work and that of different scientific fields. We build upon and provide elements of analysis and improvement during the learning process in relation to the Research Methodology: Quality Engineering, Experiment Design, and Research Design.


This methodology offers opportunities for up-to-date understanding and training through theoretical and practical courses that promote strategies for the development of applied research projects that use microanalysis, nanotechnology, and microscopy and their orchestration as tools in the search for solutions to problems of national interest. As such, it encourages the incorporation of new research tools and services where we, the people, are collectively integrated and impacted through our interaction with cutting-edge scientific equipment and techniques.


The Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis is projected in the upcoming decade to become a foundation at the forefront of science and microscopy through state-of-the-art equipment and procedures involving training and counseling in various scientific fields. We are recognized on a national level for our diligence and our dedication to the community.


To promote science and technology in Colombia through a project in informal education that places emphasis on science and microscopy, a project that generates interest in curious students and academics, and broadens the horizons of knowledgeable professionals already in the field, thus contributing to the community new alternatives for development.

  • Train students, researchers, and academics in the use of different microscopy techniques.

  • Promote and carry out agreements with national and international entities whose goals and objectives align with ours.

  • Establish cooperation mechanisms with national and international entities that enrich the training, research and lab work of the foundation and/or individuals.

  • Promote, sponsor, and carry out scientific activities aimed at the research, analysis, and systemization of knowledge and practices on par with educational entities and organizations related to the subject.

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